Baby Making

Pre-heated Oven



May 18, 2014

It was a little bit of a surprise to wake up to a smiley face on the Clearblue ovulation test this morning, I’m not going to lie.  We thought we had another day or two at least…but when dealing with the body, you can never be to sure.

This is our 5th month trying to get pregnant by using various methods.  Before today it has been all of the at home methods that are found easily with a Google search.  Yes, we even tried the turkey baster.  This month we’re going a slightly different route.

Enter our friend and LGBT friendly, 6’2 Strongman/Powerlifter, Birkenstock and Lulu wearing doctor.  This man has one of the kindest souls – feeding stray cats at his office location, taking in stray and injured animals, offering time on his birthday to help us make a baby….the list goes on.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon we met at our Doc’s practice.  Our baby’s dad went off in to another room to produce his special sauce or as my brother-in-law likes to call it baby batter.  My wife laid patiently, breathing full breaths, trying not to remember that she had a needle in her arm (she’s gotta love hate relationship with needles), listening to Perfect by Doria Roberts and Pulse by Ani Difranco, me rubbing her head and singing our songs.

While the actual insemination part was a bit more business like, lacking in overall emotion, the moments after were NOT lacking.  All of the swimmers were in – not only did we get to observe the little swimmers under a microscope, I think we actually saw them DANCE!  This kid’s gunna be awesome!  And then reality hit.  A surge of joy, a surge of amazement, excitement, and a flood of tears.

I say this often…I love my wife.  I love my wife more every day that we’re together.  Today though – I could not even describe the amplitude of my love for her and how it’s grown knowing that there is even a glimmer of possibility that she is carrying our child.  To have even had this discussion in an honest and real way is to know that this woman is my life partner.  To share in the responsibility of raising a child is a huge undertaking filled with many opportunities for love and challenges both.  Even if we don’t end up getting pregnant this try or the next try, I know that this conversation alone is tremendous.