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Before work this evening (I work the night shift quite often) I met my wife and our donor/friend/baby daddy/fellow gay pal/etc at the coffee shop.  I would be the only one imbibing in caffeine since I would not be going to sleep for another 12+ hours.  Our gathering included discussions about real coffee (like pictured above), an amazingly cute video of a dog enjoying a shower, food, and the upcoming baby making schedule.

Recently I’ve found myself to be in this incredibly prominent nesting phase.  I’ve created lists of projects in my head, and now on my Mac (because I’m that anal) of things I want to accomplish around the house – painting, rearranging, hanging shelves, ripping up carpet, yard work, finishing touches in the kitchen, etc etc etc (the lists are lengthy).  Is this new nesting phase due to the impending sperm and egg uniting?  We’ve always had a bit to do around the house; we live in an older beach house that constantly needs something, but in these past few weeks I’ve been in let’s get this shit done mode.  Is this foreshadowing what is to come in the next few months?

February is the first month that we can start IUI with the infertility clinic.  Using a known donor requires us to have his sperm quarantined for six months while we await blood testing for HIV and other STDs that may be harmful to my wife and the potential unborn child.  We are fortunate that we already knew our donor’s status, especially since we tried on our own for many months last year.  February marks the end of six month waiting period.  Our donor gets his blood tested once more at the beginning of the month, right before my wife is due to ovulate, and then we’re good to go for the three stored vials!

It’s happening, it’s really happening!  We’ve decided to try Femara for the first IUI instead of trying a natural cycle.  With only three stored deposits limiting us to maybe three tries before another six month waiting period we wanted to increase our chances of conceiving.  Our doctor keeps emphasizing the hurry aspect of our journey since my wife’s eggs are not getting any younger (she’s currently 42 years old with diminishing reserve).  Our doctor also reassured us that with this treatment and IUI in particular, that my wife’s chances of conceiving twins are much lower now that she is older, a concern with multiples in her family.

Fingers crossed for a successful first month!  No pressure with all of that hurry junk…


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  1. Wanna know what’s crazy and makes all my baby-making friends mad at me? I TOTALLY want my friends to have twins. Two at once, two birds, one uterus. YOU KNOW?!?! Love to you all on this path.


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