Internal Thoughts

We’re coming out!

It’s time to get writing since this happened…… 🙂

On my wife’s Instagram this morning:


I don’t want to keep it quiet this time – I want as much love and good vibes as we can get to surround us this go ’round. Last year was tough, it felt like an emotional beat down for months and months along with a physical MMA match with all we and my body went through. So, here it is – here we go again. You can follow our journey on our blog, want to try and be good about writing on it this time! ‪#‎lesbianmoms‬‪#‎twomoms‬ ‪#‎middleagepregnancy‬ ‪#‎oldladyproblems‬ Am I ‪#‎ovulating‬ yet? @xfitinyogi

Let us officially introduce ourselves (even though most of you know us already):

That's Lisa on the left, Anne-Marie on the right.
That’s Lisa on the left, Anne-Marie on the right.

Lisa: She’s the oven, the uterus, the carrier, the biological mom to be.  Most importantly, she’s my amazingly beautiful wife that if it wasn’t for her this would not be possible.  She’s a yogi, massage therapist, personal trainer, business owner – aka busy, motivated, successful, and stunningly brute strength strong (

Anne-Marie:  I’m the one that’s been writing the posts thus far, however I think Lisa’s ready to get her keyboard messy with some posts of her own!  I’m mom too be (see what I did there?).  I’m a paramedic, yogi, occasional coach ( that’s trying to get in to nursing school after being out of school for 10+ years.

Walter, Lisa, Anne-Marie
Walter, Lisa, Anne-Marie

Walter (aka Double’U, or 4cc):  Yes, we chose to use a person close to us that was willing and had the desire to be part of this child’s life.  He’s a master’s student, self taught chef (and damn he can cook!), creative soul, with an infectious smile and the ability to draw anyone out on to the dance floor.

We cannot thank you enough for following us on this journey and offering your support.   Guess now that we’re public and all we should probably post regularly?