Internal Thoughts

Fuck It

Hello, World!  Lisa, here. I am the other half of the two brute yogis – the less articulate and less expressive of this couple.  So, bear with me on these blog post thingies.

The other day while I was sitting with my coffee for my reflection and contemplation time (you could call it “meditation,” but that word no longer holds the reverence that is deserving of what it is that we do in a “meditation practice”…I digress) and decided that hiding no longer serves me in connecting with my own karma.  If I don’t share my journey – my trials and tribulations – my wants and needs – my wishes and dreams – then how I can expect others to do the same with me and how I can expect real connection and growth if I don’t let my fellow travelers in?  This came to me most likely with all of the baby stuff coming back up again and me seeing some specific moments recently where when I or you or we share with each other about what is really going on – no matter how burdensome or scary it may seem, the magic of human connection takes over and things get tended to.

7d451fe41e5e2272b585ac625b7a63a4-298x300So, here I go…

Through a rigorous and methodical yoga practice (not asana – not just the poses, but self study and repetition of self inquiry in every situation – the “uncool” part of the practice ),  I came to realize that shame is part of my karma this lifetime. I have been able to see and face some of it over the past 10 years – even stare the motherfucker down in some situations with the help of my teacher, Anna Pittman, but there are some circumstances that bring up the caretaker in me (what if this hurts someone’s feelings?) or brings up the fear that I am not worthy (if someone sees the real me, they may not like me anymore – which may mean that my businesses may be affected.)  My mantra lately is, “fuck it and love anyway.”  I need you and you need me.  It is my job to give to you and I do love my job, but I need to let you give back to me.

3-2-1 OM!  Let’s do this sharing thing!