Internal Thoughts

Uh, what?

working out sperm
Our spermies are at the spa preparing for the BIG day!

Cycle 1: Day 2

After a whirlwind of information was thrown our way again, we’ve decided to start taking better notes at our office visits.  So much of this is based on precise timing – it’s a miracle women get pregnant in the first place – and we want to remember everything that we’re supposed to be doing.

  • Take this for 5 days, but start it on this day.
  • Come in on this day, this day and maybe these days.
  • Then you’ll hear from this person, say yes to this and no to that.
  • You’ll come in here for the IUI, or maybe here.

It’s an overwhelming amount of information to get knocked up this way, for sure.  I’m hoping Walter’s spermies are enjoying their vacation in the cryo spa because we’re about to ask one spermie to rock it out in a week or so.

Did I say – OMG OMG OMG OMG???

Namaste Strong!