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Go Spermies, GO!

IUI Selfie!
IUI Selfie!

We’ve had our first IUI this past Saturday (2/7/15)!  Overall it was a pretty easy, quiet experience.  The ultrasound the previous day showed a GIANT follicle on Lisa’s left ovary and two smaller dominant follicles on the right side.  The follicle on the left seriously appeared to take up the entire ovary space, my eyes may have popped out of my head when I saw it in comparison to the smaller ones on the right.  Kat, the awesome NP, said that Lisa’s uterus looked amazing for having a little fibroid farm plowed away six-ish months ago – also very encouraging.  Lisa’s urine LH level didn’t indicate that she had ovulated, which we also knew since she had peed on the stick that morning, so it was up to the labs to decide when the first insemination would take place.  The call came that evening, right before I left to work a zombie shift at the hospital – TOMORROW, IT’S TIME!

This set off a cascade affect of all things to come.  First it meant I had to quickly get over my fear of hurting my wife and give her a shot in the ass.  As you may remember, we decided to take all the help we can get on this first insemination since we have only three samples in cold storage.  (More on this later.)  Lisa took a week worth of Femera, without any ill side effects.  Next is the HCG trigger shot the night prior to the IUI – a shot I needed to give her.  So, how’d it go you ask?  I was nervous, no lie.  This is my wife we’re talking about!  And then the needle was a 1.5inch!  Ouch.  I’ve rarely ever used anything over an inch (remember I work with pediatric patients).  I felt horrible, the last thing I ever want is to see my wife in pain, let alone be the one to cause it.  She calls me a sensitive flower for a reason!  But…spoiler alert…I DID IT!  Why is it so hard for me to give a shot to my wife when I can put IV’s in 2 day olds?

Moving on….

Waking up after 2ish hours of sleep was a little bit of a challenge, but I figure it is preparation for having an infant some day.  A small price to pay really.  The three of us were met with a very quiet and dark office as The New Hope Center generally isn’t open on the weekends.  Dr Perez, the doc that did Lisa’s myomectemy, would be performing the IUI with the help of Gina, one of our favorite assistants.  It seemed fairly interesting to us that all of the clinicians were shocked and surprised that our donor would also be accompanying us to the insemination…uh, that’s why we have chosen him, duh.  We realize we have an advantage in choosing to make a child as well as choosing half of the DNA, it just seemed logical to us to know the father and have him be a part of this kiddo’s life.  We literally could not do this without him, and we’re pleased that he’s willing to be a part of this whole life long process.

Learning that the chances of a successful pregnancy is only 25% was a bit of a blow, but I’m still optimistic that we will have success.  Walter and I held Lisa’s hands while she was inseminated and could tell that there was some uncomfortableness felt during the procedure itself.  Her yogi powers are pretty amazing, I know for a fact I’d have a hard time letting anyone stick anything anywhere near or in that part of my body (TMI? too bad, you know who I’m married to, right?).  Someone asked if I inseminated her and to be honest, the thought never crossed my mind.  It felt natural for me to be with my wife, not her vagina….and I don’t supply the special sauce (thanks, Walter).  So…in went 20 million little spermies (yeah, that’s right, our donor is a 4cc man with 2x the amount of viable swimmers that they would like to see after being washed, spun and frozen).  And not that the swimmers are going anywhere, but Lisa rested with hips lifted for 15 minutes per doctors orders, and then we were off to a celebratory brunch at one of our favorite local spots, Bay Local Eatery (go try it if you haven’t, it’s legit).

While we have some time to kill before we find out if we’re actually pregers, I can’t help but treat my wife as if she’s already pregnant.  Realistically she may very well be but we won’t know for sure until February 20th when we go back for the lab draw.  If I wasn’t already protective of her, add the potential of another little person inside her and I walk around like I’m her body guard 24/7.  Next up – ultrasound to determine if an egg did in fact drop, hormone levels, and then?  We wait!

Namaste Strong, Anne-Marie

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