Internal Thoughts

Easter Egg Hunt


*This post has been sitting in the drafts folder for probably a week or more, I’m posting it without much in terms of edits just so we get an update out before our next post!*

On April 4 at 6:00am (yes, I typed that correctly) Walter, Lisa and I met at the New Hope Center for an early morning IUI.   We were surprised to be greeted by other patients trickling in the waiting room soon after us since we thought we’d be the only ones on a holiday weekend.

Lisa responded well to the Follistim with multiple follicles growing in both ovaries (catch up on dosages, etc on the Details, Details, Details page).  This was the first cycle that the right ovary had anything maturing, and at the first ultrasound there were two follicles maturing nicely.

The post IUI ultrasound showed positive results.  Skeeter is our favorite ultrasound tech – her experience presents itself with painless exams, according to Lisa, .  She was really excited, like REALLY excited, to see positive signs of ovulation – fluid around the ovaries, follicles shriveling up, and all those other fancy things they can see that we cannot.  We’ve not seen so much emotion from her, which of course perked our curiosities and mood.  We’ve learned to not be too excited after so many failed attempts, but something definitely felt different with her excitement.

Labs also confirmed that Lisa did indeed ovulate – so now the waiting game begins.  We almost look forward to these 14 or so days.  No doctors appointments.  No timing of meds, temperatures, pee collection, etc.  It’s almost like we’re living our lives pre-trying-to-conceive (except for the progesterone suppositories of course).