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Baby Bump? Baby Bump!


The Brutini is 8 weeks along!  S/he is growing quite nicely and all of Lisa’s hormone levels are perfect – so much so that she was able to stop taking the Crinone early!  From an outsider-esk point of view, I believe that my wife is handling this pregnancy thing quite well.  (I say outsider-esk because I’m obviously biased and not really so outside of this experience.)  She will likely tell you otherwise and maybe she should write a post about her experience thus far (hint hint wifey!).

One of the bonuses of finding out we’re pregnant early and going through a fertility clinic is that we get weekly updates on the Brutini’s development.  Every week we go in for an ultrasound, hormone levels and a brief consult with the Nurse Practitioner.  We could choose to not go in every week, but as they said we worked really hard for this pregnancy so we’re going to work really hard to make sure all goes well.  Watching little Brutini grow and form is pretty amazing – like indescribable amazing.  We’ve see the heart beat, a little bit of movement, a blob start turning in to a longer blob with flippers – it’s fascinating to know that this is how we all started!

Some thing I wasn’t necessarily prepared for?  Mainly my attachment to this little thing growing.  And I’m a bit freaked out (what if this, what if that?)!  I’m already so protective and Brutini hasn’t even been born yet!  So now that over protection extends even more so to my wife (as if I wasn’t already).  My wife is completely capable of taking care of herself and really doesn’t need protection.  Her strength and independence is just two of the reasons I fell in love with her.  Even still, I want to make sure that she has everything she needs and wants before she even thinks about it.

Our village has been great!  Since we’ve made this pregnancy so public we get inundated with other families’ experiences.  It’s helped a great deal to hear from other families, even if it’s to be prepared for the unexpected.  The OB Docs that people like and don’t, suggestions on staving off the morning sickness (Lisa’s only puked 1x! I think that’s a win!), knowing that it’s ok to pee 3+ times in the middle of the night and then take a 2hr nap in the afternoon, and needing to eat every 2 hours.

One of the important things that we’ve learned is that each and every pregnancy has some similarities but mostly they vary widely!  This brings me to the title of this post.  The baby bump.  Yes, there is a discernible tightening and firming and little bit growing of the belly.  Even though I’m not the one carrying Brutini, if I hear one more time that “Oh, I didn’t show until I was X months”, I might pop a bitch.  (See above paragraph regarding my over protectiveness.  I see how it affects my wife to hear that from the people she loves.)

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Number 1. My wife is fairly small with a flat belly that she’s never had to try to maintain in her life = showing.  Number 2. She’s had not one but TWO serious abdominal surgeries – one of them less than a year ago = BAM, LAY THE FUCK OFF.  Number 3.  She isn’t you, or your sister, or your mom, or your second cousin twice removed (what does that even mean?) = what was their pregnancy is not hers.  While EVERYTHING is appreciated, I suggest taking a brief PREGNANT pause (pun intended) before speaking.  What’s your intention in saying it?  How would you feel hearing what you’re about to say if you have a shit ton of jacked up hormones flowing through your blood stream?  Maybe I have a bit of those hormones too?  And I’m a sensitive flower?  But what bother’s my wife ultimately bothers me, and…see above…again.  I’m sure I’ll have something a bit more significant to bitch about later – but for now, there’s a baby bump.  Shut up and deal with it already.  It’s here to stay, and I for one am pretty damn pumped that my beautiful wife has a little bun in that oven.  That bump is a sign that Lisa’s body is doing what it’s supposed to, and Brutini seems quite content.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Bump? Baby Bump!”

  1. What, are babies supposed to burrow down and flatten out to make their mom’s stomach as flat as possible? Talk about societal pressure to conform to body standards starting young…

    People really don’t think before they talk. Anne Marie, I can imagine you getting fluffy, and I’m sure if I’m around anytime someone makes a body comment about Lisa, I will fluff up, and not be able to keep my mouth shut.

    I think if I ever got pregnant I would be angry all the time – I couldn’t handle the constant comments on my body size, shape, and the constant touching without consent. I would be slapping people’s hands away and stuff. Hang in there, you two. ❤ Much love

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    1. Lisa, here. Thank you, Amber! I’m okay with the touching and even the comments because I do want to hear about others experiences, but yeah…the passive aggressive sometimes subversive comments about my weight gain (since my surgery in the fall, mind you, not in the past month because that’s only been about 2 pounds) really get to me. I know that body image awareness is your life’s work and can empathize. It is totally my stuff and apparently part of my karma in this current life event – and since it is my stuff, shit’s hard. I just had a student in class last night who is 16 weeks – about 30 years old and little bit thicker build in general. No bump. No nothin’. This shit is out of my 42 year old body’s control – I eat well – I’m sleeping like the dead all of the damn time – but I can’t exercise without feeling sick or without my blood pressure shooting through the roof. My current practice is to “allow myself to be pregnant.” Another pregger friend said this to me and it really resonated. Allow – allow – allow…I love you, Amber ❤


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