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So…we had a baby!

Look at all that hair!

This blog post is LONG overdue!  As you can imagine, we’ve been a tad busy.  Not only did we have a baby, but I (the non pregnant momma) changed careers in the middle of all of this baby birthing stuff.  Needless to say, things have changed a bit around here.


Let me introduce you to Skylar Emerson!  She was born on December 15, 2015 via C Section.  The Cliffs Notes version of the story goes like this….

The parade to the nursery!

Skylar was born around 2:30pm, and I was able to be in the delivery room/OR allowing me to be the first person to tell my wife that our baby was a little girl.  All along we thought Skylar was going to be a boy, so it was even more of a surprise!  She came out super vigorous with fantastic APGAR scores!  The whole neonatal team was there in case any issues arose, and thankfully we didn’t need their services beyond the normal stuff.  Skylar spent less than 24 hours in the Special Care/Level 2 Nursery (a step above the well baby nursery) for cardiology consults.  Luckily her heart looked good, no surprises, so she was able to go the the regular nursery the next day.

Q-tipping colostrum while Skylar spent some time in the Special Care Nursery.

Lisa and I both ended up puking our brains out the day Skylar was born.  Lisa from all of the medications, me likely from stress, lack of eating, and lack of sleep.  It was a rough start for the mommas, meanwhile Skylar was dreaming sweetly of colostrum in the nursery.

First car ride home! (Someone coulda told me about the bat in the cave?!)

Momma and Skylar came home after three days in the hospital (the normal stay after a C Section) and the learning of the battle rhythm began.  We’ve been very lucky in the sleep department.  Skylar has gone from a Snuggle Nest in our bed to a basinet beside the bed to her crib in the past five months.  She started out with an 11:00pm bedtime and has moved her way back to 7:00pm and sleeps 12 hours without waking!  She doesn’t really nap during the day which is a challenge, but to sleep all night at her age!!???  We’ll take it!

Lisa started breast feeding and pumping immediately.  There were some definite bumps along the way.  Skylar was getting too tired and working to hard early on that she didn’t gain weight the first month.  Our first pediatrician wasn’t supportive in our quest to breast feed and didn’t offer any other suggestion than formula, formula, formula.  Through some frustration we were connected with a midwife and a new pediatrician that made house calls – yes HOUSE CALLS – to help us when the owners manual that came with Skylar wasn’t helping.  Skylar and Lisa were both such troopers as we navigated a variety different methods trying to breast feed, bottle feed, supplement with donor milk, pump, etc.  Long story short, Skylar is now a formula fed baby and we’re all happier for the switch.

So, yeah, we order our formula from over seas.

Bet you’re wondering about the whole Down’s Syndrome thing, huh?  Well, interestingly enough to be diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome there must be genetic testing done and there’s more appointments and insurance hurdles to navigate than I think anyone could prepare us for.  We’ll save that for another post and leave you with this little gem.  Oh, and find Skylar on FaceBook and Instagram!

Fist bump! She’s 5 months old!

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