Skylar the Tree Frog

We’re hitting the road

Excuse our hiatus on keeping up with the blog!  I’m sure you missed us.

As you can imagine life is busy with a wee tot around.  I don’t need to explain that!

Remember a long time ago we told you – our trusty blog readers – that Skylar has a cardiac defect?  The most common amongst kiddos with Down Syndrome?  A few months ago we were at her regular cardiology appointment and our cardiologist noticed some enlargement of her right atria – albeit small, still starting to enlarge from the stress of the blood shunting to it from her left atria.  (This may require some googling if you have NO CLUE what I’m talking about – and maybe I’ll dive a little more deeply in to this when there’s a little more time.).  He suggested it was time to start the conversation about repairing Skylar’s AV Canal defect.  That’s when we about passed out, went stone cold blank, and maybe even shit our pants a little.  I really believe we’ve been riding on this little river we call denial, refusing to believe that this day may actually come.  But it has.

After much research and conversations with friends, family, coworkers and other folks that have gone through similar experiences with their children regarding cardiac surgeries, we have decided to get a second opinion at Boston Children’s Hospital.  We’ll be traveling there next week for Skylar’s initial surgical consultation where she’ll be sedated for an echo, ekg and physical exam.

This little cliffs notes version of what’s a much larger thing will hopefully kick start our documenting of this entire process and experience.  Not only do we want to have documentation of everything, but it’s also the easiest way for us to keep all of YOU up to date on what’s going on with our little Frog.  We aren’t the first to go through this, and we certainly won’t be the last.

Time to pull up our big girl panties and get this show on the road!


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