Skylar the Tree Frog

It’s Time


Skylar’s heart surgery is scheduled at the University of Virginia for September 1, 2017.  Now that we’ve put ourselves together after having our legs go weak beneath us, we’re in a quiet state of chaos trying to get all of the logistics taken care of for us to be away for a little while.

This decision may not have been our initial first pick, but we met with Dr Gangemi this past week and felt very comfortable and confident in his abilities.  We also chose to go to UVA instead of having Skylar’s surgery here in Norfolk at CHKD for a variety of reasons (we may elaborate at a later date or you can just ask).

Boston was a bust.  Basically the Cliff’s Notes version – Insurance denied our consultation and echo with the physicians there.  We went anyway and enjoyed a great visit with our loved ones.  Insurance is a real pain in the ass and makes it VERY difficult to get the care we WANT sometimes.  
We’ll update the blog and Skylar’s Facebook as we are able.  For those of you who want real time updates, send us your email address and you’ll get the play by play while we’re at UVA.  


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  1. Love you all and YES, I want as many real time updates as emotionally possible for you to post……prayers and love, Annie

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