FAQs about Skylar and Down Syndrome


We receive a lot of questions about Skylar and Down Syndrome.  Feel free to ask us any question you may have, as we are continually learning through this process as well.  This page will continue to be updated as people inquire.  Be prepared for us to be honest and truthful, we just ask you to be as respectful as you can.  Our goal is to not only advocate for our daughter, but to increase the awareness of persons born with Down Syndrome in all aspects of life and living.  Our experience is unique to us, but really no different than many other families out there.  

  • When will you know how functional Skylar will be?  Or what is her level of Down Syndrome?
    • As Skylar develops we’ll learn just who she is and what she is capable of.  Sounds just like any other typical baby, huh?  There’s not really a level of Down Syndrome.
  • Does Skylar have any heath issues?
    • People diagnosed with Down Syndrome are at risk, and have a high propensity to some congenital defects along with some cancers and illnesses.  Skylar has been diagnosed with an AV Canal defect, one of the most common congenital defect with persons with Down Syndrome.  She visits cardiology regularly and will have heart surgery somewhere around the age of 2 unless she becomes symptomatic.  Thus far there have been no complications, and she has been very healthy.  Skylar also has been diagnosed with hypotonia, however she seems to be fairly strong in spite the diagnosis.  Hypotonia is likely the number one diagnosis or attribute to persons with Down Syndrome.