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So…we had a baby!

This blog post is LONG overdue!  As you can imagine, we've been a tad busy.  Not only did we have a baby, but I (the non pregnant momma) changed careers in the middle of all of this baby birthing stuff.  Needless to say, things have changed a bit around here. Let me introduce you to… Continue reading So…we had a baby!

Internal Thoughts

The non pregnant momma speaks

I'm actually anxious and nervous as I sit here and type this post.  As if I were getting ready to present in front of 150 of my esteemed peers (which did happen recently) - my breath has quickened it's pace, my heart rate has localized it's beat only to my chest leaving my arms and… Continue reading The non pregnant momma speaks

Internal Thoughts

“Sometimes you get shown the light… the strangest of places if you look at it right."  Grateful Dead "You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes well you might find You get what you need"  Rolling Stones "Two of my favorite quotes of all time." - Lisa This is another long and barely edited post -… Continue reading “Sometimes you get shown the light…

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Is this real life?

**warning** This is long and barely edited.  I have no energy for cute pictures either.  It was just time to let you all know what's been going, Lisa These past 17 months have been the most challenging of my life and these last 11 days a special kind of torturous hell. I always thought… Continue reading Is this real life?

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Baby Bump? Baby Bump!

The Brutini is 8 weeks along!  S/he is growing quite nicely and all of Lisa's hormone levels are perfect - so much so that she was able to stop taking the Crinone early!  From an outsider-esk point of view, I believe that my wife is handling this pregnancy thing quite well.  (I say outsider-esk because I'm… Continue reading Baby Bump? Baby Bump!

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We made a human! 4 weeks down

Yep, Lisa here!  So, we were inseminated on April 4th (which makes the timeline weird since we DO know the exact day we were inseminated but, the medical world still goes off the first day of your last period to set your timeline) and here we are now a little over 4 weeks along with… Continue reading We made a human! 4 weeks down

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I’m a mess…

I've started this blog post about 3,425 times and rewritten it just as many times.  There are so many things that I've wanted to write down, so many emotions that have occurred, and yet I still haven't found the fingers on the keyboard to get it all out. As you may have gathered, the second… Continue reading I’m a mess…

Baby Making

We’re asking for help

We're a little behind in the recent events of this TTC journey we're on. Here's the gist: We may be on our last cycle as it's become too expensive, both financially and emotionally to continue.  A few of our friends asked why we hadn't set up a GoFundMe account.  Simply, we didn't know that this… Continue reading We’re asking for help

Baby Making

Timing is Everything

And I woke up anxious as hell this morning worrying about the timing of this cycle.  It is a whole new roller coaster this time around and...Yes, yes we have been neglecting writing recently.  We have both been doing the very best we can to stay present in our moments to get through our days… Continue reading Timing is Everything