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“Sometimes you get shown the light… the strangest of places if you look at it right."  Grateful Dead "You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes well you might find You get what you need"  Rolling Stones "Two of my favorite quotes of all time." - Lisa This is another long and barely edited post -… Continue reading “Sometimes you get shown the light…

Internal Thoughts

Is this real life?

**warning** This is long and barely edited.  I have no energy for cute pictures either.  It was just time to let you all know what's been going, Lisa These past 17 months have been the most challenging of my life and these last 11 days a special kind of torturous hell. I always thought… Continue reading Is this real life?

Internal Thoughts

We made a human! 4 weeks down

Yep, Lisa here!  So, we were inseminated on April 4th (which makes the timeline weird since we DO know the exact day we were inseminated but, the medical world still goes off the first day of your last period to set your timeline) and here we are now a little over 4 weeks along with… Continue reading We made a human! 4 weeks down

Baby Making

Timing is Everything

And I woke up anxious as hell this morning worrying about the timing of this cycle.  It is a whole new roller coaster this time around and...Yes, yes we have been neglecting writing recently.  We have both been doing the very best we can to stay present in our moments to get through our days… Continue reading Timing is Everything

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Not pregnant...again.  We've been instructed to stop the supportive hormones (progesterone and estrogen), set up an appointment for a consult with Dr. Robin, and call them on the first day of my period to start all over. So, yes, we will try again.  And, yes, we are super sad and disappointed - ( I, Lisa,… Continue reading Nope

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My old is showing

Cycle 1 Day 16 (February 12th) Ya know, I really am learning a whole bunch about myself - my incredibly steadfast, authentic, boundless, unfailing relationship with my wife - the amazingly supportive village of humans that we have surrounding us, and about the female body - my female body. After doing the IUI on Saturday,… Continue reading My old is showing

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The saga of the Vag

Lisa, here - the science experiment - having been poked in ass and in each arm multiple times, pumped full of pills, prodded in the vag over and over...and doing my best to "just fucking relax..."    It started on Day 5 of this first cycle when I had to come in for my first… Continue reading The saga of the Vag

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Go Spermies, GO!

We've had our first IUI this past Saturday (2/7/15)!  Overall it was a pretty easy, quiet experience.  The ultrasound the previous day showed a GIANT follicle on Lisa's left ovary and two smaller dominant follicles on the right side.  The follicle on the left seriously appeared to take up the entire ovary space, my eyes may… Continue reading Go Spermies, GO!

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Wine goes well with prenatal vitamins…right?

Cycle 1 - Day 5 It's time to take the Femara!  (I already screwed up and forgot to take it first thing this morning.  Seriously, should I be allowed to care for a tiny helpless creature??) What is Femara - Letrozole? Femara (generic name is letrozole) is an oral drug which can be an effective… Continue reading Wine goes well with prenatal vitamins…right?

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TMI?  Yep, Lisa here.  I'm all about the TMI!  No fart and poop talk this time, but some vag talk.  With my laptop on its last legs I've not had reliable access to the blog which means I've written several posts in my mind over the past couple weeks and, of course, they got lost… Continue reading TMI